Through Our App Development Services, We Help Entrepreneurs to Turn Ideas into Reality

SEO Kolkata is one of the best offshore mobile app designing and development companies. We accomplish all of our app designing and development process through creative conceptions, UI & UX friendly design, coding, debugging, and testing and post-launch optimization techniques. Our dedicated & experienced app designers and developers have made it easier for us to offer the best service in Kolkata. We are comprised of perfectionists, and they know it very well what solution will be the best for our clients.
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Here at SEO Kolkata, we are sceptical about corporate rules. We work in our way and believe in what we do. Our professionals maintain radical honesty with our clients when working. We do not hesitate to tell them if their idea is not good. We only prefer spending our time, effort and your money only on projects that are worth it.
We are specialized in handling a full spectrum of modern technologies and advanced prototypes that includes Android, iOS, Hybrid, Native, Augmented Reality (AR) and more. During our journey over the years, we have helped both national and international businesses and organizations to execute their planning. Share our values, and we will do something great together for your business.

Our App Design and Development Methodology

We take a sophisticated approach to develop quality digital products. Through our services, we help our clients to turn their plans into a successful business. Our app design and development process are revealed below step by step.

Primary Consultation

It is a proven fact that object-oriented, useful apps perform excellently in the marketplace. After the initial consultation, we focus on polishing idea. This is the most crucial step of our entire app development process because in this stage we build the pillar of a successful app development project.

App Prototyping

In the prototyping stage, our designers nurture the concept that our client has provided us. After that, we start shaping the idea and provide the feedback to our clients. With our prototyping approach, we help clients to save both of their time and money.

Choosing the Features

By making a simple search in any app market, you will find several applications that offer useless features. Due to this reason, those apps don’t get enough downloaded. In this stage, our panel of export designers and managers help clients with setting the key features of their app.

Creating the Interface

Designing the interface of the app is one of the most essential steps of the overall development process. Our designers keep the UI and UX Best Practices in mind when designing a mobile application.

Coding and Debugging

In this phrase, our professional app developers in Kolkata focus on coding the app. Interfacing and debugging are two of the crucial parts of our app development process. Through our debugging process, we find and fix errors from the source code.

App Store Launch

Before releasing the application in the app store, we release its beta version. In this stage, our clients get the opportunity to test the app and share their feedback. After that, we make all the necessary changes according to the feedback and launch the app.

Reasons to Opt for Our App Development Services

Simplicity in Design

Here at the best app dinging and development company in Kolkata, we believe that design is not what it looks like but what it feels like. Most of the users prefer having apps that are easy to use. This is why we mainly focus on creating easy-to-use navigation for our apps.

Continuous Upgradation

Software requires proper evolution management in respect of the business goals. We take adequate approaches to update our skills, technical knowledge, software and tools that help us to build high-quality mobile apps.

Cross-platform Coverage

Our mobile app development service wraps in cross-platform coverage that ensures uniformity. We mainly focus on common device functionality features to address all the device coverage and the common platform related problems.

Optimum Performance

Every mobile app that we develop, launch faster and they never keep the users waiting. At the primary stage, it requires the proper choice of tech stack to develop a high functioning, fast loading mobile app. After that, our ongoing optimization and maintenance techniques keep the performance of the app at the highest level possible.

Affordable Price

As an offshore app development company in Kolkata, we offer quality services to our clients across the globe at an affordable price. It helps owners to turn their ideas into a successful business.

Excellent Support

Our professional team is also comprised of the best support staffs. They are expert enough in offering top-notch technical support to the clients. This is how we address the needs of our clients in a hassle-free way.

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