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Pay Per Click method has become one of the effective models that help businesses in maximizing the opportunity for generating target traffic as well as leads simultaneously in a shorter time frame.

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PPC mainly works on the principle of a fee that business owners need to pay so that the SERP display their site. Whenever a user makes a query with identical keywords or that relate to the offerings of the company, SERP soon display the ads that help the enterprise to drive the attention of the user. The best thing about PPC is that it is one of the most cost-effective forms of digital advertising, given the campaigns needs to well-optimized. On contrary to the traditional form of promotional activities, PPC directly reaches the user who at some point of time has shown some interest in the services of the given company (by clicking on the advertisements). So, if you are looking for a professional yet affordable PPC campaign management service provider in Kolkata, then you are in the right place. We at SEO Kolkata have earned great recognition in offering eminent PPC advertising services in Kolkata. We work by integrating effective resources while working on the projects and ensure that the charges for PPC do not exceed the normal standard charges. We have certified team Google AdWords that work on PPC advertising approach to make it big for the business owners. The professionals work with great dedication, supremacy in paid form of advertising and excellent efficacy and all these have helped us to fulfil the requirement of the clients bit by bit.


The Process We Follow for PPC Campaign

We at SEO Kolkata have been market expert in offering exceptional and effective PPC services to numerous business enterprises. We ensure great satisfaction to our clients in terms of great influx of online traffic and higher online sales. Our PPC experts offer remarkable setup for the Ad campaigns and it helps business owners to maximize brand exposure and ensuring clients to get better leads with maximum sales.

Determining Goals

Whether it is increasing brand awareness, sales or subscribers, having familiarity with the goals of the company help in running a PPC ad campaign in the right direction. In order to deliver desirable results to our clients, we start with the research about the company, its adversaries as well as its USP.

Keyword Research and Finalize

In a bid to create relevant ad groups and themed campaigns, we engage in offering extensive as well as diversified keyword research. We try getting the estimates for the search volume of a specific keyword as well as its conversion potential. After analyzing the best keywords that suits the business standards, we start optimizing the PPC strategy.

Landing Page Selection

It is true that having a relevant landing page is highly effective for making the campaign successful and it also ensures wide exposure to the brand. Our experts make use of the right tools for creating visually appealing as well as informative landing pages that help businesses to achieve targeted goals.

Crate Eye-catching Ad

Experts at SEO Kolkata have the potential in increasing the online visibility through persuasive PPC ads that in turn encourage visitors to spend for the given product. This is one of the reasons helped us to gain the reputation of a leading PPC management service provider in Kolkata.

Enhanced Ad with Extension

Extensions to ads help adding more importance to the ads campaign as well as some additional information that boost the visibility of the same. Although AdWords need a minimum Ad Rank before displaying the extensions, our company helps in achieving the results easily.

Bid Placement

Our PPC marketers bid for the right set of keywords that explain the offerings of the businesses in a right way, maximize the ROI and boost the click-through rate. The bidding strategy that we follow helps in accomplishing the objectives of the clients in a hassle-free manner.

Monitor and Manage

We make sure to conduct effectual reporting for the overall performance of the campaign, starting from click-through rate to the conversion rate. This enables us to make the campaign cost-effective as well as to run the process efficiently. On the basis of the situation, we integrate relevant PPC strategies to get a better outcome.

Retargeting and Remarketing

The team of PPC marketers works on retargeting and remarketing ads that help businesses to have the products and offerings in front of the visitors whenever they browse websites. This helps the visitors to get back to the product and service pages for which they shown their interest. Now, this will boost the overall ROI of the site.

Tracking and Reporting

The PPC experts of our company integrate using tracking tools like Google Analytics to have effective bid management as well as analytic solutions. We also keep sending a detailed updated report including the performance of the campaign in the regular course of time. The report also includes the number of click-through rates and more.

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