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In this digital age of 21st-century word-of-mouth have evolved in a new way. With this change, new forms of online communities have also been shaped. Now, social media platforms and other online community channels have given us the power to check (read, listen or watch), like and share others’ content. Businesses can also use these channels to connect with others and converse with them. It helps them to understand what their potential customers are talking about and enables them to proceed strategically.

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Different social media sites not only offer a great platform for socializing but in addition, it also offers businesses the finest opportunity to target both of their existing and prospective customers. Here at SEO Kolkata, we offer a full spectrum of social media optimization and marketing services to our clients and enable them to make the most of their social media brand pages. We believe that better engagement is the key to success in social media marketing. This is why our social media marketers mainly focus on creating engaging content. It helps businesses to increase sales and enable them to improve brand loyalty. Through our professional SMM and SMO services, we help businesses to build relationships with their target audience. Our result-driven services help businesses to achieve their conversion goals through our unique, innovative, engaging and interesting content. This is the main reason that makes us one of the best social media optimization and marketing service providers in Kolkata. We understand that every business is different so the same strategy will not work everywhere. Due to this reason, we craft social media optimization and marketing techniques for each of our clients. When it comes to local communities, we focus on creating channel-specific content by keeping local customer base in mind.


Our Social Media Optimization and Marketing Methodology

Our social media marketers mainly focus on enhancing consumer awareness of businesses. Through our customized SMO and SMM services, we help owners to target more potential customers by using different social media channels. From determining your goals to community engagement and the proper uses of the evaluated data, our social media marketing and optimization methodology can be categorized into the following six steps.

Determine Your Goals

Here at SEO Kolkata, our professional executives excavate the popular search engines, social media platforms and other digital media to understand the current standing of a brand on the World Wide Web. We understand the importance of the first impression for businesses. Due to this reason, neither of our clients faces negative reviews suppressing their brand image. For businesses, there’s nothing can be as inferior as seeing the online reputation of their brand is blemished by negative reviews and comments.

Optimization Campaign Management

A recent study has revealed the fact that online reviews and rating influence the purchasing decision of 89% of customers. Through our effective techniques, we help businesses to avail positive customer ratings and reviews on Google My Business, Yellow Pages, Yelp and other authoritative web directories. Our professionals also have the ability to deal with negative business reviews that our clients get.

Community Engagement

In this stage, we flush out the negative content of our clients and ensure that their potential customers only read positive, relevant and great content about them. We publish content on online directories, social media profiles, video sharing sites, and blogging & microblogging sites. Our SEO and SMO strategy walk hand in hand. Due to this reason, it has been possible for us to promote positive content from our client’s behalf.

Monitoring & Reporting

Through our comprehensive social media optimization and marketing services, we not only create content for our clients but also distribute them across the globe. Our professional services will help your potential customers to get affirmative information about your business through search and social media. We only create profiles on highly visible social media sites. As a result, it also influences the search rank of businesses.

Content Development

Our experienced writers develop engaging content for SMM and SMO campaign. We help businesses to take social media optimization as a part of their marketing campaign. Through quality content, we help clients to target more customers and enable them to achieve their conversion goals faster.

Right Use of the Evaluated Data

Our professional social media marketers not only just offer the best social media optimization and marketing services but in addition, we also provide weekly and monthly reports to our clients. It not only helps businesses to monitor the performance of their SMO and SMM campaign but they also get the opportunity to use the data (evaluated from the campaign) properly at the right time.

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