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Top 3 Web Designing & Development Tips to Make Your Website SEO-Friendly

Posted on July 23, 2018 Posted in SEO,Web Design,Web Development

In this competitive marketplace getting people to your website has become a difficult job. Previously it was easy to make the most of digitalization. Just launch a website, and you will automatically get traffic on it. But in the last few years, the digital marketplace has changed a lot. Now businesses without availing proper search engine optimization services, can’t expect traffic on their website.

In fact, SEO has also become a difficult job than it used to be. Now regular on-page and off-page techniques won’t be enough to optimize the website at its best. If you want to make the most of digital presence, then you have to start the optimization process since the designing and development of your website.

In the below section we will take you through a list of the best and advanced SEO techniques (including both web designing and development tips) that will help you to optimize your website at an advanced level and enable you to stay ahead of your competitors.

  1. Ensure It Loads Faster

If your website does not load faster, then Google will surely penalise it. As a result, your rank will drop, and you will fail to reach your potential customers online. So, at the first stage, you have to ensure that your site loads faster and to make it happen you have to focus on both the designing and development parts of your site. By following the tips mentioned below, you will be able to improve the load speed of your website:

  • Do not use too much JavaScript, CSS and HTML when designing the site
  • Use content distribution network
  • Make sure your designers have removed the render blocking JS
  • Enable compression
  • Reduce redirections
  1. Integrates Social Media Buttons in Your Website

Both the search engine and humans value the social media reputation of a brand. Due to this reason, it is always recommended to incorporate social media buttons on your website. Make sure your site contains the following social media button:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  1. SEO for Images

You also have to introduce SEO for images. Most of the marketers only optimise the content of a website. However, they should also opt for SEO for images. It will help them with indexing and also improve the load speed of the site directly. There are two key techniques that you can apply:

Use Alt text: Search engine crawlers cannot check the content of an image like human beings. Due to this reason, it is always recommended to use Alt text with all the images you will use on your website. It will help search engines to understand the relevancy of the images that you have used. As a result, it will directly help your site with better indexing.

Use Small Images: Most of the designers prefer using HD images on their website in order to make it look more astonishing. However, HD images make your site heavier. Due to this reason it is recommended to use small images on your website. It will directly boost the load speed of your website.

So, these are the top 3 web designing and development tips that you should follow in order to optimize your website at an advanced level.

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